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Light Keys

Chapter 3: Kidnapped!


Darkness crept into the room where Reya slept. It came in the form of a shadow. Reed had fallen asleep while keeping watch over Reya. He was sleeping gently. His head was slumped over and resting on his hands, which were held up by the hilt of his sword. The shadow slid slowly the walls and stopped when it reached Reya's bedside. Like a wave the shadow towered over Reya for a moment and then engulfed her. Quietly the shadow slunk away as quickly as it had come.

No one sensed the visitor's presence until the dark shadow's horse screeched as it took of into the night. Reed jumped up and ran over to Reya's bed. It lay empty. The dark stranger had stolen her from her resting place. He ran out of the room and dashed through the darkened hall. He flew down the blackened staircase, flung open the door and sprinted out of his house and into the night. Rain had begun to pour out of the skies and lightning flashed. Reed cried out loudly in anguish.

"Reya! REYA!"

The fresh hoof-prints were beginning to vanish as dirt melted into mud. Reed ran to the stables where he had put Windsong and Duskrider for the night. He threw the doors open and ran over to them, placing his hands upon their heads.

"We must hurry, something has happened to Reya. She is gone from her room." Thought Reed frantically.

"We cannot travel by air in this storm and I fear Windsong and I will slow our progress because of the deep mud," responded Duskrider.

Windsong thought, "There is no choice. We must go find her and we cannot go as we are."

"What do you propose we do then? We can't stay here." Thought Duskrider irritably as he flared is nostrils in fury. His ears were pressed flat against his head.

"We must change to human form. We will have to fight," said Windsong's voice in their heads.

"What? You can do that?" Reed asked amazed.

"I think so," said Windsong quietly. "But I have never tried this before. I will do my best."

Windsong closed her eyes. A bright, golden light shone from her coat. It engulfed her and it was so bright that it was blinding to look at. A few moments later the light dimmed and out of it stepped a creature with a the head, arms, and upper torso of a human but it had the lower torso, tail and two horses legs. She was a strange but beautiful creature.

"I will try again." Windsong said out loud.

Again the light engulfed her but this time out of the light stepped a beautiful girl of 17 years old. She had shining blonde hair, purple eyes and was clothed in white. She held a legendary wizard's staff in her hands. It was known as the White Wizard's staff. She turned to Duskrider who was hiding in one of the stalls in the stable.

"It's your turn." She said smiling.

Duskrider attempted to run but Windsong had already cast her spell. The golden light engulfed him and out of it stepped a man of 20 years old. He wore a black leather kilt along with a silver armband, a leather wrist guard, and black paint under his eyes. He had long hair that was short and curly up at the top of his head and fell in many long, tiny braids. He had silver eyes and his skin was beautifully tan. He wore no shirt and because he did not it was easy to see how well built and strong he was.

"Out of all the clothes you could have given me you gave me a skirt?!?" Yelled Duskrider. He was not happy.

"Firstly, it's a kilt, and secondly, we don't have time to argue this!" Windsong screamed back as she stormed out of the stable.

Both Reed and Duskrider looked at each other.

"I still think it's a skirt," said Duskrider to Reed as the rain after Windsong into the freezing rain.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Meanwhile in the depths of the dark forest the dark shadow had taken cover from the storm in a cave. His horse had become frightened and had run off into the darkness. He had made a small fire and had laid Reya next to it.

He removed his hooded cloak to revel his true form. He was a man, or so it would seem to people at first glance. He had brown eyes and rust red hair that fell over his eyes slightly, dripping wet. Though he looked to be 20 years old something seemed ancient about him. Like his eyes had seen so many lifetimes fade from existence. The fire cast its warm light over his face.

He stared at Reya and smiled. He saw her as beautiful and powerful. The firelight illuminated her face and body. She frowned when she slept and a stray hair fell across her face. Her tattered gown suggested that she had recently been in some type of horrible accident.

"Those keepers of light do a shitty job of protecting their Light Keeper." He mumbled as he set down his sword and sat down. He tilted his head slightly to the side, taking in her every feature.

"Tsk Tsk…Pathetic" he whispered as he picked up a small stone from the cave floor and thrust it into the fire sending red and orange sparks up that danced in the air.

He turned around and looked out into the dark storm. A lightning bolt flashed and was followed by the roar of thunder. Rain beat hard against the muddy ground and the roof of the cave. He sighed and swung his hand around and down on top of Reya's small right hand which had been on the hilt of his sword. She let out a small yelp in pain and quickly drew back her right hand. She cradled her right hand in her left.

"Little girls shouldn't play with swords," said the man pausing. "Of course you're no ordinary girl are you?" He smiled at her. Reya, still clutching her right hand, glared at him. "Come now Reya, don't be cross with me. I had to hurt your hand. I can't have you going around grabbing people's swords and stabbing them." He slowly turned around to face her while picking up his sword. "It's been a long time since I last saw you. Do you remember me? Probably not, you were only seven at the time."

"Who are you?" Whispered Reya although she thought she already knew the answer.

"I am Marcus, although you wouldn't know me by that name would you. Your people call me the Night of Chaos." He said. Reya's eyes grew wide with fear. "So you remember the tale of how I slaughtered half the elven race 200 years ago. Do you know why I stopped at only half?" Reya shook her head. She feared him. "It was because of a legend written long ago of an elven princess who would be born and not only have great beauty but great power. You are that princess."

"I'm sorry you have the wrong elf." She said, her voice wavering in fear.

"I saw the half-elf standing guard over you." He said, his eyes burning deep into Reya. Reya was confused by the statement.

"I know no half-elf!" She said firmly.

"Oh you couldn't tell could you? Reed is a half-elf although he looks human doesn't he?" Said the Night of Chaos as he was amused by Reya's shock. "I am a half-breed as well. I come from the chameleon clan, a people who have long life like the elves and the ability to blend into their surroundings."

"What are you planning to do to me?" Reya asked casting her eyes to the ground. She thought about how horrible she had been to Reed and how he had tried so hard to be nice to her.

"I'm not going to do anything bad to you. I am just taking you back to my queen. She says you have something she wants. She is the one who will decide your ultimate fate." Said the Night of Chaos as he sharpened his sword upon a small rock.

"I will not go with you." Reya said stubbornly, folding her arms across her chest.

"Oh you will, even if I have to take you by force." Growled the Marcus

"You wouldn't dare." Screamed Reya in fury, her face flushed with anger.

"You're right," said the Night of Chaos quickly as he stood up and walked over to Reya. He placed his right hand behind her left shoulder and drew her close to him. She winced as she felt something prick her left shoulder. Within seconds the sleeping dart affects hand taken their toll. Reya felt her eyelids grow heavy and she fell forward into the Marcus's arms. "I wouldn't dare to make this task more difficult than I have to."

"Reed… " whispered Reya, as she fell into a deep sleep. Two silver tears darted down her cheeks. Her head fell forward and rested on the Night of Chaos's chest.

He held her close to him, supporting her so she would not fall to the ground.

"Oh stupid child. You will forget him in time, perhaps some day soon he will be but a dream to you. With the beauty and power you possess you could have any man…except me."