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Light Keys

Chapter 1: The Saga Begins


It is strange how life is like a river. It twists, bends, rough rapids, and is full of rocks; its falls and eventually settles at sea. The Elven leaders of Windbrook have believed this to be true since the beginning of their existence. It is also believed that the eldest child of the royal family should be betrothed to another elf of noble blood by the time they are eighteen years of age.

The eldest child's name is Reya. She is also the Light-Keeper of Windbrook. The Light was a precious white stone that shone as brightly as a star which was kept around the neck of the keeper on a long golden chain. It was believed that the stone possessed strange powers that only the true keeper could summon.

Many often made comments on how Reya should have been a boy. Her attitude was unrefined. She would often wear clothes that did not reflect royalty. Her hair was down and messy instead of properly made up like most other ladies. She would also frequently skip her lessons on how to be a lady in order to wander through the woods. Even with all these oddities she was well loved and respected by her people.

Today she had once again "forgotten" about her lessons. She was trying to capture a unicorn so she would have a proper steed. She had seen a lovely white one with purple eyes. It had been trotting over the brightly carpeted floor of the forest. Light glinted off the lightly frosted leaves. Reya squinted her eyes and slunk after the unicorn. She was completely focused on her goal. The unicorn would not escape this time.

"I am one with the earth. I hear it whispering its secrets to me." Reya thought as she quietly stalked the pearly, white unicorn. She had been trailing it for four hours now. "Soon." She thought, "Very, very soon."

She crept quietly over the fallen leaves and twigs that carpeted the forest floor. Her body was hidden by the dense foliage. She was clothed in a dark, full-length gown that blended in with the shadows of the trees. Her long, dirty blonde hair fluttered gently in the breeze and her blue-gray eyes glowed with excitement. She ran her light pink tongue over her rose-colored lips. The unicorn was so close, its breath rose in little white puffs when it hit the cold winter air. It shook its glittering white mane.

"Come on," she thought as she watched the unicorn walking cautiously. It almost seemed as if it could hear her thoughts. "Just one final step…" she murmured quietly as the unicorn paused to lower its head to graze upon the sweet grass in the clearing where her trap laid carefully hidden.

Suddenly the unicorn lifted its head. Its eyes grew wide with fear as it quickly dashed off into the dark forest, disappearing into the shadows. "Damn it!" hissed Reya quietly. She knew that some other creature must have frightened it off. This was the third time she had failed to capture that particular unicorn. She sighed heavily. She heard a rustling in the bushes nearby. Hope rushed back into her heart. Maybe the unicorn had not strayed as far as she had thought.

She silently stalked toward the bushes where she had heard the noise. She peered over, being careful to not uncover her hiding place. Listening carefully she heard two voices. She recognized one voice immediately. It was Sol. Sol was the elf who her father and mother had decided she was going to marry in a year. But the other she did not know. He was handsome, kind, smart, funny and athletic. Reya loved him more than anything in the entire world. She grinned as she slipped behind a tree. She quietly chuckled to herself as she thought of how shocked he would be when she jumped out from her hiding place. She listened to Sol's soft voice as it became clearer and closer. She heard the footsteps as they gently treaded over the leaves. Carefully she peeked out from behind the large tree.

First she saw Sol, he was tall, very well built, with eyes that were brown and innocent like those of a fawn. He had soft brown hair, tan skin, and soft lips. He was attired mostly in green, as most elves tended to wear clothing that helped them blend in with the surrounding woods the color choice didn't surprise her. Then she noticed the origin of the other voice. It was a human, and a female one at that! Reya glared; she felt a wave of sickness flood over her. The human had golden blonde hair that fell in long curls past her shoulders. She was small and delicate. She wore a long flowing gown, which made her movement through the forest slow and difficult. The dress was an amber color, which matched perfectly with her eye color. Her lips were red and her voice was soft and gentle. She was lovely, and Reya abhorred her.

Reya listened intently to what they were saying. Reya watched as the human girl batted her eyes flirtingly and then as she pretended to trip over a branch. Sol caught the girl as she fell. Reya began to grind her teeth.

"I'm so clumsy. Please forgive me." The girl laughed as Sol placed her on her feet.

Sol smiled, "It's okay. I only wish it was everyday I escorted a lovely lady through the woods." He said as he walked along beside her at a leisurely pace.

"Oh Sol," the girl giggled, "You're too kind."

Reya frowned deeply. She did not like how the conversation was going. The human was far too friendly with Sol.

"It's true Marie, you are more beautiful than even the princess of the elves." Sol said as he brushed a few strands of his dark hair off his forehead.

Reya's hands, which had been limp at her sides all this time, were now balled into tight little fists. Her knuckles turned white, and she began to shake with rage. Marie leaned in and passionately kissed Sol on the lips. Sol held her close to him; her hair fell across his shoulder.

Silent sliver tears streaked down Reya's cheeks. It felt as if her soul had been sucked out of her body and then been trampled upon by a stampede of wild horses. Reya fled from her hiding spot. She was blinded by tears of jealousy, hate, sorrow, and rage. She darted through the undergrowth. The surrounding woods blurred into a green splash of color. Reya caught her foot on a root as she raced down a steep slope. She fell forward and attempted to ease her fall by landing on her right wrist. She hit the ground hard with a sickening smack and then proceeded to roll down the hill. The branches and brambles ripped at her. Twigs and sticks stabbed and poked her. A silent scream escaped Reya's lips as her left shoulder was ripped open by a sharp rock. The world around Reya began to slow down. The right side of her head struck a boulder. Then the world seemed as if it was made up of millions of bright white butterflies, and as they seemed to vanish she was left with nothing but darkness and silence.