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Name: Christine Wallace

Most likely names to respond to when being shouted at:

Christine, Chris, Christy, Chrissy, Wallace, Wally, Little Wallace, Winx, Salamander, Sal, Sally, Ice Queen, Hippie Girl, Olivia, Super Hero Girl, James's little sister, the kid with blue paint on her face.....

Birthdate: November 29, 1984

Location: U Mass Amherst
Convo of the week:

Christine: " I have guys trouble."

Jaina: *raises eyebrow* "Don't you mean 'guy' trouble?"

Kari: " No...there's always more than one who's bothering her."

Most frequently asked question

When are you going to update your comic you lazy lazy fool?

New Addiction:

Eating Sushi and going clubbing with da Crew.

Favorite sound effect:


Want to learn more?

AIM : flYgiRl2999

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